Q1How can I get a quotation?
A1Please fill in contact form us for assistance.

Q2How can I place an order?
A2Please fill in contact form us for assistance.

Q3What is a typical lead time?
A33-5 days for stock items, 3-5 weeks for pre-tooled designs.

Q4Can I order a small quantity? What is MOQ?
A4Standard sockets are available from 10 pcs. / FOB Japan
Custom designed or Machined sockets are also available in small quantities
Refer orders for standard sockets of 10 pcs or less to Abracon or Digi-Key.Click here for ordering information.


Q5Can I order a customer design socket?
A5Please fill in contact form and provide a package drawing for our review.

Q6Can I ask for your assistance to find a suitable socket?
A6Please fill in contact form and provide a package drawing for our review. We will find a suitable socket.

Q7What types of contact pins are used for MiS sockets?
A7There are three types. Stamped contact, Pogo pin contact, Conductive sheet.(Anisotropic Conductive Rubber)

Q8Can I get socket drawings?
A8Please fill in contact form us for assistance.

Q9What is the difference between CXC and CXP types?
A9The difference is the contact types. CXC uses stamped contacts. CXP uses pogo pin contacts.

Q10How many times can I open and close a standard socket?
A1010,000 times guaranteed.

Q11What is the operational maximum temperature range?
A11Standard range is -35C to +150C. Please contact us for temperatures out of the range.